Sales Engineers

Sales Engineer | Solutions Engineer | Solutions Consultant | Technical Sales | Systems Engineer | Solutions Architect | Pre-Sales Consultant | “My Technical Counterpart” | “Technical Guru” | Techno Marketer

These are all the titles I have heard to describe an SE. (I am sure there are more). Even though all could mean the same, there are a few nuances to these titles based on the industry, product and the company. The personasĀ of Sales Engineers I am familiar with are:

Product Evangelist

In this role, the SE is leveraging in-depth product knowledge to promote the feature/value/benefits to prospects.

Solutions Architect

In this role, the SE is more hands on in the product and technical aspects of the solution. Often SE leads the POC and custom projects.


In this role, the SE could be leading consulting engagements on product and services, during the sales cycle. Typical the solution in this case is less about the technology but more focused on use cases.