Top 5 Leader Qualities

Contributed by: Saurabh Pandey, CFO

1. Integrity

To be successful and happy at the same time, you must possess highest level of integrity in everything you do. There is very little grey area in this. You will come across situations where you are forced to make tough decisions. Integrity is the key element in being able to make the right choice.

2. Team Player

These days, systems and businesses are complex with lots of dependencies on many functional areas. To be successful, you have to be able to coexist in this ecosystem with many diverse opinions, thoughts, and actions that are contrary to your opinions. But this is required to be able to accomplish goals in time and within budget.

3. Knowledge

Domain knowledge is equally important to deliver results. You cannot succeed being the ‘jack of all trades’.

4. Initiative

One critical component to achieve success in workplace is to be able to go beyond your defined job function and work in other areas where you add value by simplifying a process or making it more efficient etc.

5. Perseverance

Don’t be bogged down by failures – those who succeed always go on trying and learn from mistakes. This makes them well prepared to face new challenges.