Top 5 ingredients for success

Contributed by Subhash Chander Wadhawan, CEO, Board of Directors, Multi-National Insurance 

1. Do it now

Never never postpone the work. It takes lesser time to dispose off the job now than to do it at a later date. Moreover the job done now, is always performed more efficiently because sequences are fresh in mind.

2. Fruits of Success and Consequences of Failure

Always foresee all the possibility of failures, giving more importance to your weaknesses and threats – of course without ignoring your strength and opportunities. It does not mean that one should be pessimistic but be prepared to face the eventualities. If things don’t work to your plan A. keep the plan B or even plan C in mind.

3. ake na , chake na and thake na (Punjabi proverb) `

– Never get fed up and surrender. Focus on the goal and keep on trying to achieve it.
– Never feel shy to ask others, if you are not sure yourself.
– Never get tired. Your body gives you as much as you want.
– There will never be a substitute for hard work.

4. Work to Excel

Excel in whatever you do. No function is unimportant and or of lesser importance. So every function should be performed with perfection.

5. Keep on selling

Keep in mind that you are selling yourself every minute; to your family, to your colleagues, subordinates, leaders, customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders – and all of them look for better returns from their investment in you.

6. Think Out-of-the-box

Always try to think out of the box – keep on exploring alternate solutions

7. Lead not Boss

Try to lead and not boss – but do not shy of hard decisions if situation so demands. This situation should be analyzed with a cool mind and never instantaneously.

8. Time

All the successful people have more time to work than normal so lesser time to sleep and other personal requirements

9. Your Attitude

In all interactions – always think about the reaction of other person by putting yourself into his position.

10. Dispose off the MATTERS not only LETTERS

Once completed with a task, move on to better things in life.