No Demo Monkey”

“No Demo Monkey” has been a mantra echoing in my head whenever I experience an SE resource not leveraged to its full potential. From my own personal experience, doing a ton of demos is not empowering. It’s repetitive, leaves minimal time for strategy, limits personalization and pulls you back from being consultative. In other words, it takes the “fun” out of being an SE. Unfortunately, #demos/SE is often a metric used to manage SE performance. Hence the title of this resource is to create awareness for all the ways Sales Engineering adds value, in addition to doing stellar product demonstrations.

A Sales Engineer’s Story…

I have dedicated most of my career to the profession of Sales Engineering. In that journey, I have learned a few lessons and best practices from SE coaches, SE leaders, Sales leaders and other fellow SEs along the way. This is my way of giving back to the SE community and share wisdom that I hope others would find useful.

Sachin Wadhawan photo

Sachin Wadhawan, SE Leader

Solutions Engineering (a better name for Sales Engineering) is a profession that most SEs fall into. We don’t graduate from college thinking “I want to be a Sales Engineer when I grow up“. It is actually a fortunate bunch, who possess a perfect balance of technical smarts and business savvy, and are hand-selected to participate in prospect-facing roles as Sales Engineers. The ones who survive, learn very quickly how and when to hold back on their technical expertise, become an advisor to their Sales counterpart and enjoy playing an evangelist in their respective industry. You often see life-long Sales Engineers, because just like sales, it is hard to replace the excitement of winning deals, building relationships, finding solutions and being at the center of prospects, customers and your company. Not to mention, a well functioning SE team is critical to any sales organization’s long term success.